Rachel Flowers


Eclectic music that defies categorization, influenced by Claude Debussy, Jaco Pastorius, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Esperanza Spalding, George Cables, and Taylor Eigsti.

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Flowers began her musical life at two years old when her mother showed her how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on the family piano. Twenty years later, her life continues to be consumed by music.

Rachel gained her first notoriety for her YouTube interpretations of the music of Emerson, Lake and Palmer. While she still enjoys recreating progressive rock, jazz, and classical masterpieces, those influences all coalesce to create a sound that could only come from the heart, the soul, the fingers of one person – Rachel Flowers.

Absorbing every genre she has been exposed to, you will hear elements of classical, jazz, rock, r&b, fusion and more all giving light and life to the melodies that she creates, and the harmonies in which they live.

Enjoy this, as you Listen to Rachel’s first CD of original music. Don’t worry – it won’t be her last.

Compact disc and digital download available on

CD Baby

Digital download available on

Google Play

Produced by
Rachel Flowers

Mixed & mastered by
Paul Tavenner – Big City Recording Studios

Cover art
Daniel Flowers

Marie Gregorio-Oviedo
Jeanie Flowers

Special thanks
Brian Hutchison
Matt Levonian
Lorenzo DeStefano
Team Rachel

Rachel is a proud user and endorses
Nord Keyboards
Roli Instruments
Lewitt Microphones
Marblehead Guitars

Greg’s Favorite
  • Piano Synthogy Ivory II American Concert D on a Nord Piano 2 HA88
  • Bass Yamaha MO6
  • Drums SONAR Session Drummer, Smart Loops Groovy Kit, Smart Loops Brushes
  • Orchestra Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Vocals Lewitt MTP 540
Dawn Points
  • Vienna Symphonic Library
Run For Miles
  • Strings EastWest Hollywood Strings
  • Orchestra Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Synths Korg SV-1
  • Piano Synthogy Ivory II American Concert D on a Nord Piano 2 HA88
  • Drums Vienna Jazz Drums
  • Bass Customized SX
  • Vocals Handcrafted custom condenser microphone
Memories of You
  • Synthogy Ivory II German Concert D
Goes To Eleven
  • Piano Nord Silver Grand, Nord Rhodes
  • Drums SONAR Session Drummer, Legends Kit II
  • Saxophone Sample Modeling Soprano on a Roli Seaboard Grand
  • Strings EastWest Hollywood Strings, Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Bass Customized SX fretless
  • Guitar Marblehead Imperial
Aloha Part 1 & 2
  • Piano Korg SV-1
  • Strings EastWest Hollywood Strings
  • Orchestra Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Flute Muramatsu EX III
  • Bass Customized SX fretless
  • Drums Garritan Jazz & Big Band
  • Vocals Part 1 Handcrafted custom condenser microphone
  • Vocals Part 2 Lewitt MTP 540
  • Piano Garritan CFX Concert Grand
  • Flute Muramatsu EX III recorded on a handcrafted custom condenser microphone
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