Rachel Flowers

Meeting Greg Lake / La Quinta, California

Rachel met Greg Lake in May of 2012 when he performed at the Ventura Theater during his “Songs of a Lifetime” tour. Shortly after that, he arranged for Rachel to come to his show in La Quinta, California so that they could spend some quality time together. During that weekend trip, Rachel was privileged to not only enjoy an extended visit with Greg in his suite discussing music and ideas about her career, but she also got to play piano with Greg during his sound check. These photos were taken by Greg’s tour manager, Simon Sidi. This is the first time they have been shared in public.

Following that weekend, many lengthy conversations took place between Rachel and Greg via email, Skype, and phone where they exchanged musical ideas and thoughts about Rachel’s future. Greg was not only a trusted advisor, but a true friend. He never hesitated to speak his mind and always had Rachel’s future and best interest at heart.

Be at rest, Greg.

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