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How Rachel First Heard Keith Emerson’s Music

Rachel Flowers in KEYBOARD Magazine
by Jerry Korvasky – May 19, 2016


RACHEL FLOWERS – “I first heard Keith’s music at a friend’s house when I was nine; it was a Best Of Emerson, Lake & Palmer compilation. When I heard the synthesizer section of ‘Trilogy’ I thought, ‘What’s that instrument?’ Then I went back to the earlier piano section of the tune and really liked the piano parts. I related it back to my classical studies, like Rachmaninoff, and thought it was really cool how Keith brought that type of harmony, movement and expression to rock music. I started learning his music from that point on. He expanded the role of the organ in rock music—at times like a pipe organ, other times jazzy and then really aggressive. I really enjoy playing his music and I’m going to keep on playing it and share it with many more people.”

Her Mom adds: “She used to play ELP music at home all the time, but she also was involved in flute recitals. They always had a good piano, which Rachel would want to play afterwards, so she started giving mini-ELP concerts after the recitals! She was really enjoying playing the music so we decided to try filming a few clips and putting them on YouTube to share his music and see what happened. We got an immediate and overwhelming response.”

Rachel: “People really enjoyed it, it was fun to do: I love playing his music. I like the fact that there are some sections where he would improvise, and I went back to many live recordings to see what he did with those sections. And then, while searching around YouTube, I found a recording of Keith doing Tchaikovsky’s 6th Symphony, which I always liked, and that led me to discover The Nice. I learned ‘Rondo’ from their version. I liked the jazzier aspect of that group—part psychedelic, part jazz.

Her mother recounts first meeting Keith: “In 2013 Rachel was at a flute competition, and our friend Paul Mouradjian kept texting me saying Keith was going to be at the Typhoon restaurant conducting the Orchestra Surreal. He said we had to get down there. So we did, and we walked up the couple of flights of stairs, came around a turn and there was Keith coming out the door. He looked at us and said…”

(Rachel takes over, doing a spot-on imitation), “’I know you: Well hello, Rachel.’ I knew his voice from listening to the Beyond The Beginning DVD. It was so exciting meeting him. We talked about jazz singers, with their fast vibrato, and he told me about a cut he was working on for a Doors tribute CD. He signed and gave me the baton he used conducting that night. We got to visit again at NAMM a few years later at a Hammond organ event. That was fun, but it was loud!!”


  1. I have yet to see Rachel’s film (it hasn’t been shown in Las Vegas as of this evening), but even prior to viewing it, I have a feeling that one documentary cannot possibly capture every aspect of her life so far!
    Which brings me to what I really want to talk about – why is it that Rachel hasn’t been able to record and release an album until now? Oh yeah, it’s a music industry that once again has failed to recognize true talent. It is my hope that she has been able to retain all of the rights that have traditionally fallen to those major label ingrates. I look forward to the album release, and will be among the first in line to buy my copy!
    Another question that will be asked further down the line is, will success spoil Rachel Flowers? The short answer is, thankfully, no. She has benefited from the support and protective eye of her Mother, Jeanie Flowers, and I have no doubts that she will continue to do so – as she should.
    I wish Rachel Flowers all of the success that she has worked for and certainly deserves.

    It’s all yours, Rachel! Tell them you cleared it through me.

    1. Thank you for your very nice message, Roland! You can rest assured that for Rachel it’s all about the music, and that is how it will always be. That’s just how she is, and that’s one of the things that makes her so special. We will have information posted very soon regarding how to purchase Rachel’s first CD. It is 100% self-produced. I have to ask myself that same question – why hasn’t the music industry taken notice of Rachel and her singular talent? I don’t know the answer to that, but I am thankful that it is possible today for someone like Rachel to make her own album, and to retain 100% control over her product. When you hear “Listen” you can be certain that it is exactly as Rachel intends you to hear it. Who knows what the future will hold. For now, I am just thankful that we live in a time when an independent artist such as Rachel can create and distribute their music without having to rely on the music industry’s support. Rachel thanks you and all of her supporters for having her back! All our best, Jeanie Flowers for Rachel Flowers

  2. I really enjoy listening to Rachel play. We look forward to hearing Rachel at Symphony Hall Birmingham, UK 2017 for the Tribute to Keith Emerson concert. With appreciation for Rachel’s original music and her versions of Keith Emerson’s music.
    – Steve

  3. I just finished listening to “Listen” and now I can’t stop. Rachel’s compositions will be studied in the future as the great classical composers are studied now. I am in awe. There is talent and there is genius. The word “talented” does not begin to describe what you are.
    I know that you are a big ELP fan, as am I (since the release of their first album). Have you considered contacting Carl Palmer? He’s got a little band that he tours with. I met him a few years ago, he’s a really nice guy and a pretty good drummer, too.

  4. Rachel is really cool. The first time I heard her I became fascinated because of her speed and precision with the piano keyboard and how she feels the music. She merges with the synthesizer and piano and she takes to us to magical worlds ! It’s a very beautiful experience. I’d like to know if she is going to play the 3rd impression of Karn Evil 9 some day, because I didn’t find anything on the Internet. Is it posible yo know that ? Thanks !

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