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Thinking about Greg. I’ll miss him.

greglakebreakfastI was glad to know him, along with Keith. When he was doing his solo tour “Songs of a Lifetime,” Greg showed me some fun classical pieces; one of them was a variation on a theme by Liszt, and having me focus on the melody. Sometime later after Keith’s death, I came up with a version of Fanfare for the Common Man. I sent it to Greg, and he loved it! That was the last thing I sent to him. I’ll still have those fond memories, and knowing what a nice, and funny person he was. (smile) I’ll miss that.

Remembering Fondly


  1. Really enjoy your music, Rachel. It has been a very sad year for all of us, losing some wonderful people, including Greg and Keith. It really does seem that the torch has been passed to a new generation. Wishing you every success. Kind Regards. Iain. Herts. UK

  2. Sometimes I really feel that there is no hope (in the musical sense) for the human race.
    We are totally flooded with extremely poor songs all around. It is almost impossible to find among the infinite universe of new musicians and bands anyone that could really contribute to the evolution and level us all to higher grounds.

    Rachel, you are a beautiful, a paradisial island in today´s infertile musical ocean.
    Hearing and watching you playing makes my soul elevate to other dimensions.

    1. Bravo Flavio. Well said!
      I love Rachel’s music. I just found her on YouTube last week!
      Have you heard of a band named Syzygy, from Cleveland, OH.? You might like them.

  3. Rachel,
    I was very sad to learn of Greg’s passing in December. And every time I think of ELP I think of you and the wonderful work you have done over the years. I first saw you preform in CSUN in Los Angeles. You were about 5 years old and David had you at the session he did on CakeTalk. You made us all cry that day.

    I shared your story with a young man in Wisconsin named Andrew Zeman. He recently visited us here at Freedom Scientific as the Make-A-Wish program granted him the trip to meet many of the people behind JAWS for Windows. When I met him, I learned that he was Pitch Perfect and he seems to have the musical gift, but he has not really been exposed to the possibilities. I pointed his mom at your web pages and hope you will be his inspiration.

    Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to attend your performances in CA this March or the UK in July.


  4. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for being here, well actually ‘there’ in my case at the other side of the big pond, but here in your music. I bought ‘Listen’. While waiting for the cd to arrive i listen through iTunes. It’s really a magnificent album, wow!! I think I’m getting to know the composer Rachel Flowers, with these dreamy, uplifting, imaginary, philosophical, melodic compositions that bring comfort as well as provoke the mind to create, to fantasize and to live. I love it!
    My congratulations with this first album, hopefully followed by many others.

    Although so sad, I also am glad that you had the opportunity to meet Keith and Greg. I hope these meetings and most of all their music will stay with you and keep inspiring you as it does me.

    If I may I would like to ask you something. The concerto for piano Keith wrote, is it available on cd or are you considering to record it? Please do as I’m sure many people will appreciate it and hopefully bring Keith to a larger audience.

    Love and best wishes,
    Frank (The Netherlands)

  5. Simply the best music that I have listen for a while, keep up the good work miss, this is inspiring and lets the people get into one part of your soul, pure delight

  6. Your piece for Greg Lake is absolutely amazing. Stunning. Ethereal. Simply astonishing. We are blessed to have you among us mortals.

  7. I am a classically-trained keyboard musician, composer, and conducting student. I have listened to you for years now. ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery “landed” in my life as a young man. I was never the same. Love you piece for Greg!!! Best wishes always Rachel.
    Paul Martin

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