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“Hearing is Believing” has a digital release date.

It’s a BIG day at Hearing is Believing Productions…
We just locked our DIGITAL RELEASE of “HEARING IS BELIEVING” for TUESDAY JUNE 20, 2017, through Gravitas Ventures.  It’s been a long and winding and highly scenic road since award-winning producer/director Lorenzo DeStefano met Rachel & Jeanie Flowers in January 2014 and decided to make this non-fiction feature.

Now that the film is nearing release and everyone can have a chance to see and hear Rachel’s amazing story, he considers his choice to put aside other projects and make this film one of the best creative decisions he has ever made.

Lorenzo and his team are grateful to more people than can be mentioned here, from early days supporters to scores of willing converts to Team Rachel along the three-year way.  You know who you are, and the Flowers family & the filmmakers are indebted to you.

Stay tuned to www.hearingisbelievingfilm.com and gravitasventures.com, in the weeks and months ahead for specifics on which digital platforms the film will be available.

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