Rachel Flowers


Announcing “Listen”

listenRachel Flowers is very excited to tell you that her first album, Listen, is now available!

Is it jazz? Is it classical? Is it rock?


Continuing in the tradition of her idols Keith Emerson and Frank Zappa, Rachel creates music that defies the boundaries of categorization.

Rachel invites you to sit back and Listen.

Compact disc and digital download available on

CD Baby

Digital download available on

Google Play


  1. Wow, Rachel … “Listen” is nothing short of a masterpiece. I love the entire eclectic collection on your debut album. I am impressed and moved beyond words.

    I had very high expectations for your first CD release, and you did not disappoint in any way whatsoever. Your composition, performance, and orchestration on all of your tracks on “Listen” are absolutely magnificent.

    (just purchased the CD version from Bandcamp, and have listened to all of the tracks from the “while you wait for your CD” download)

  2. This is a wonderful CD Rachel. I was expecting something pretty good, hoping for something really good, and you have gone and delivered something exceptional. Thank you.

  3. After receiving my copy of Rachel’s new album, it left me speechless. I have not heard such amazing compositions since the days of ELP. Rachel is a rare talent, with true soul. The world will know who you are soon, as true talent will always be discovered. Good luck Rachel. Greg Lake and Keith Emerson would be very proud of you.

    Best wishes,

    Gary Scott.

  4. Been knocked out by what I’ve heard today, I only discovered your music a few hours ago and you play beautifully and I love your sensiblity to the music. I’d buy you a Roli Seaboard if I had the money after hearing your Satriani cover on the keys, but your an amazing guitarist as well I find so nothings holding you back anyway. I’ll just have to buy your music instead. It’s been a pleasure to find your work. it’s very special to me already.

  5. Thank you for this great music, it is electrifying and touching. your musicality is outstanding. I’m looking forward to more music from you. You are my new heroine. 🙂 Greetings from Germany.

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