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Keith Emerson – A Monumental Loss

We are devastated at the news of Keith Emerson’s passing. Though our encounters with him were few, he was always warm, gentle, funny, and supportive of all of Rachel’s musical endeavors. Our most heartfelt condolences go out to Mari, to his cousins Dave and Mandy, and all of Keith’s family. Honoring the memory of a great man, a musical genius, the greatest keyboardist of the 20th Century by listening now to The Elegy album by The Nice – Keith at the top of his game. Already missed so very deeply. There will never be another like him. Rest In Peace, Keith Emerson.


  1. very sorry for you and family but particularly rachel . i was STOPPED in my tracks when i heard america by the nice when i was 16 . my 1st epiphany was at 6 and it was a leonard bernstein young peoples concert on tv that did it . like many others i felt i knew a little about him through his music . that is why i’ m sending you this note . i also feel keith was at the top of his game back then . even though e.l.p. is spectacular , there seemed to be a freedom expressing an unfulfilled promise in the nice recordings . please tell rachel that the shock and pain will eventually fade and she’ ll have the gift of his friendship and musical comraderie back in it ‘ s place . we r all blessed with free will and sometimes faith gives way to hopelessness . i hope you achieve all your musical dreams and objectives but don ‘ t let it run away with you . thanks to the Flowers ‘ for the dedication !

  2. Whilst Rachel is alive and performing Keith will never be deceased. My youngest son was named Chris Emerson Bell I wonder why!

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